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Packing Tips & Information

Here at Crest Removals we will truly do it all, even providing a packing service! If you want to tackle the task yourself here are our essential tips.

Also see our Moving Checklist – The steps to assist with your new journey. This will allow you a well organised and comfortable nest relocation -allowing the journey to be as stress free as possible.

The Packing Hints

It is always recommended to purchase good quality packing material. This can be purchased through our office (depending on the area) alternatively – most storage facilities hold a good stocklist.

When relocating, it is common for many to purchase tape from a cheap shop to save on some dollar outlay. This can sometimes turn out to be a double expense, as the tape simply doesn’t stick and you will need to retape the boxes with better quality tape. Again purchase some good quality materials and this will make the packing process much easier.

There is a standard set of packing HANDY TIPS:

  1. Start by taping the carton upside down. A double width across the seam overlapping the edge of the carton and one to overlap – making a CROSS symbol.
  2. Turn the carton up the correct way and line the bottom with crushed up paper, linen, cushions, pillows etc. This gives a cushioning layer which ensures your belongings have a soft relocation to their destination.
  3. Leave no empty space in the cartons, use linen or crushed up paper to fill any holes.
  4. Pack heavy items on the bottom and more fragile closer to the top – wrap each item separately in wrapping paper ensuring the item is fully covered and appears to look twice as large. This also guarantees a cushion around each individual item and this way you can pack your carton tight assured of no internal movement.
  5. When wrapping plates and flat items that are the same- place 1 to 2 pieces of paper between each item and then a full paper wrap around the bundle- no more than 3 in a bundle. All flat items must be packed on their ends (vertical) as this is the strongest point for transportation.
  6. The only exception to vertical packing is relevant to your books – these are safest flat into book and wine cartons, again filling any holes with crush paper or linen.
  7. No items should protrude any higher than at least 3centimetres from the top of your carton. The space left over is to fill with crushed up paper, linen, pillows or the like – the flaps of the carton should be firm to hold down, ensuring the cartons contents will not be crushed but making sure the cartons integrity will not be comprised.
  8. Lastly tape the carton as you did the bottom, then in a permanent marking pen in legible writing, put the room you require it in at destination. ie - B/RM 1, KITCHEN, LOUNGE.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss any concerns you may have when it comes time to pack.

Tips and Info

Some ideas to assist with a well organised and comfortable nest relocation -allowing the journey to be as stress free as possible. This can also save you money and the time that it takes to load all your items to be transported to your new nest.

  1. Disassemble any beds, swings, trampolines or items that cannot be moved without being taken apart
  2. Defrost your fridge and or freezer and have emptied and dry ready for transportation
  3. Unplug and secure all leads to electrical appliances
  4. Centralise smaller items into a central location, e.g. carport or living area
  5. Bundle garden tools, mops and brooms to minimize the number of journeys the men will need to make to the vehicle
  6. Separate any items that you do not require moved and position them away from those being moved by our staff eg- Ensuite or Bathrooms
  7. Clearly label packed items as to which room they should be placed in on delivery

Removal Insurance

When relocating with Crest Removals, the care taken and reputation of excellence is second to non in the industry.

Every one of our clients can rest assured with peace of mind knowing, our vehicles have an insurance coverage for their contents against fire, flood, collision and overturn to the value of $100,000.00, whilst in transit to guard against the possibility of our vehicles being involved in an accident whilst carrying their nests precious items. This cover has also been extended to loading and unloading insurance cover, in the event of any mishap. Additionally your home and property is covered by our $5,000,000 public liability cover.

NOTE: On request we can forward the PDS booklet for our full policy details, outlining inclusions, exclusions, and any applicable excess fees. In addition we can direct you to our Insurance Broker : The One Stop Insurance Brokers – (07) 52 3711. Who can advise on additional covers if applicable.

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